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Hear clips of the Progressing to The One State or the Other: I. RAGE! and II. Peace from John Adler's new CD HERE and scroll to the bottom - there are also good notes on the pieces

Hear the Full-Length Feature story of the ASCENCION CANTATA from National Public Radio's "WEEKEND EDITION" show HERE

Hear the Full-Length Feature story of the Guy Livingston film ONE MINUTE MORE from National Public Radio's "WEEKEND EDITION" and WATCH a clip of Ben's piece "PLACE SETTING DJ" HERE


Concerti and Orchestra


Concerto for Baritone Saxophone and Orchestra, movement I. Brad Hubbard, soloist, with the Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra.

Squeeze: A Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra. Robert Faub, soloist, with the University of South Carolina Orchestra.(15:32)

Vicissitudes: A Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Wind Orchestra, CSUF saxophone quartet and wind ensemble.

Excerpt 1 (1:57)

Excerpt 2 (1:12)

Excerpt 3 (2:19)

Excerpt 4 (2:05)

Wind Ensemble


Squeeze: A Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (wind orchestra transcription). Alan Durst, soloist, with the California State University Fresno Wind Orchestra. (15:34)

9-11: Voices Echo, California State University Wind Symphony and Chorus with pre-recorded interviews with students shortly after 9-11.

Movement I: Attack (12:12)

Movement II: Aftermath.(10:38)

See Vicissitudes above.

Triumph, California State University Wind Orchestra. (6:18)


Chamber Works


Alley Dance, New Century Saxophone Quartet, from their Channel Classics CD, Homegrown: Commissions, vol I.

Buffing the Gut, Elizabeth Mortrow, cellist, from Soliloquy: Contemporary Works for Unaccompanied Cello, Centaur Records (CRC-2426).

Le Pont Mirabeau, setting of Apollinaire's poem (tenor, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and percussion). Mark Harmon, vocalist.

Volunteer Fanfare, University of Tennessee Trumpet Choir.

Over the Edge, title track of the National Flute Choir's debut CD.



Solo/Duo Works


Rafflesia, Teresa Beaman, flute, from Flute Flora, Bella Classics (BCL 202).

Movement I: Malaysian Rain Forest

Movement II: Pollination

Movement III: Blossom Dance

PsychoTherapy: A Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Clifford Leaman saxophone; Derek Parsons , piano. From The Ambassador Duo, Illuminations, Equilibrium Recordings (CD77).

Movement I: Anger Management

Movement II:Finding the "Angle of Repose"

Movement III:Fun with Funk

Movement IV: Vandermarking

Joropo, Alan Durst, alto saxophone and Corey Whitehead, guitar, Centaur Records (CRC 2901)

Tribute to Debussy's Syrinx, Movement I: The Wood Nymph of Nonacris, Nina Assimakopoulos, flute, from Arcadian Murmers: Pan in Pieces, vol. I, Euterpe Recordings (202).

Genesis: A Geyer's Poem, for horn and piano. Chris Cooper, soloist; Steve Halloran, piano.

  FIVE FUNNY SONGS! Setting of the poetry of Ralph Katherman for voice and piano. Randy Lacy, soloist, Natasha Kislenko, piano.

I. Snow (0:58)

II. Cupid (2:09)

III. The Woman's Boobs Were on Her Back (1:54)

IV. With a Hank of Hair or Small Piece of Bone (3:08)

V. The Wonderful World of Birds (2:09)

Election Year, Clifford Leaman, saxophone, from America's Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, Volume IV, Arizona University Recordings Compilation CD (AUR CD 3101)

Special Projects


Ascencion: An Ethno-historical Cantata. Audio files, news stories and NPR Radio feature are posted at

Ostwärts-Westwärts, TranAtlantic Reed-String Project. Listen to excerpts of all tracks on *Please note that the track names incorrectly listed on cdbaby!*

Here are 6 tracks that I submitted to the Vox Novus 60 second project. These works are all just one minute long.

Numbers (Benjamin Boone and Vince Keenan vocals; Benjamin Boone, saxophone; Nye Morton, bass)

     Here are some numbers that effect our lives.

Figuratively Speaking (Benjamin Boone, vocals; Nye Morton, bass)

     Boone's vocal debut! "Bleep-sco-do-yap-buga-de-YOW!"

Founding Fathers (Benjamin Boone, saxophone and vocals; Vince keenan and Mark Stotzer, vocals;

     Stefan Poetzsch, violin). What the Founding Fathers actually said. *PROGRAM NOTES*

Running With Micha (Benjamin Boone, saxophone; Stefan Poetzsch, violin)

     Written after a jog with Micha in Erlangen.

911 ( Benjamin Boone, saxophone; Stefan Poetzsch, violin; CSUF students, narration)

     Gleaned from interviews with CSUF students shortly after 9-11.

State of the World (Benjamin Boone, saxphone; Nye Morton, bass)

     The title and music say it all....

Con Man, a musical adaptation of Herman Melville's novel, written with my brother Joseph Boone.

From the NY reading, unless listed otherwise. Read all about the cast, plot and NY reading HERE.

I Remember When ~ Lamentation of lost childhood. (3:01)

Today's the Day MAIN THEME ~ Intro to enigmatic Con Man and three refuges. (3:00)

Today's The Day INTERLUDE ~ Can Con Man be trusted? (:59)

Voyage Into Light, EXCERPT 1 (1:49) and EXCERPT 2 (1:23)

~ Passengers board a riverboat, unaware they are heading toward Apocalypse.

Dream Lover ~ He loves her, but she doesn't love him. (1:57)

A Star's Exploding ~ An escaped slave and an abused boy ponder life. (3:16)

The School of Hard Knocks ~ How women survive. (2:16)

The Price of Vice ~ The Con Man (in drag!) seduces a male senator. (1:31)

Ballad of the Unfortunate Man ~ The Con Man (as a preacher) sings of his wife's cheating. NOT a love song! (2:47)


BOONE/FRAZIN Interview with Kronos Quartet founder DAVID HARRINGTON on KFSR summer of 2008





NPR mp3 File

Joe and Mary's 60th wedding anniversary audio tribute

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